New South Bay Rod & Gun Club By-Laws

Below is a link to the new By-Laws that members approved in the January 30, 2018
Club election.


South Bay Rod and Gun Club, Inc. was incorporated in 1955. Over the years, the original By-Laws were amended several times. This was usually done to address one particular issue.  There was never a comprehensive review of the club's By-Laws to make sure they were in compliance with current Sate of California Corporate Law, were consistent with other provisions within the By-Laws and to reflect the way the Club has evolved over the last 62 years.

In 2017, a committee was formed for a complete review and rewriting of the By-Laws to address all the issues mentioned above. In consultation with the Club's Corporate Counsel the committee completed it's work and presented the proposed new By-Laws to the Board of Directors. The Board approved the proposed changes and voted to place them on the 2018 ballot for final approval by the membership.

What Changed?

The most significant change is in the length of term for the Club Officers. The New By-Laws establish 2 year terms for all officers, until now terms were for 1 year at a time. Directors will continue to serve 3 year terms.

The position of Past President has also been clarified. The new version specifies one 2 year term and allows for the difference in the number of Board Members if there is a Past President or not.  

A provision was also added on how to remove an Officer or a Director and a requirement that an Officer or a Director must actually be a member in good standing of the Club.

If you have any questions or concerns about the new proposed By-Laws, please direct your inquires to the Club's Business Manager, Jon Sivers (619) 987-9096.

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